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January 25

's Bank of export verification in customs alone for the record. "The police task force introduced, according to the declaration materials involved in a single cargo involved in the value of the largest single is more than 30,000 counterfeit LV bag, these goods is the Huangdao "Lisi Qi" the company declared for export in the name of the police task force decided to put the company as the focus of investigation. Immediately to the People's Bank of police investigations "Lisi Qi trading company to receive the verification form and found this company from March 2010 to August 2010, received a total of 1040 copies of the verification form, but a also not be written off, have a significant reselling suspect. All of the list are a Ming Jiaozhan a woman receive. But after investigation, Zhan is neither a legal entity registered by the company, nor is the company's shareholders. ■ turnaround behind a shell company behind the things are strange, Zhan immediately become a key target of the task force investigation. After a large number of in-depth investigation, the panel found, Zhan has released an ad on the Internet, said on behalf of registered companies, bookkeeping business, left the company address is an office located in Huangdao District, Xiangjiang Road. With this clue, the police quickly arrived at the office, through the survey found, Zhan a only a salesman. In order to avoid alert in the afternoon of December 29, 2010, police in the squatting over five hours, from errands Zhan a quietly arrested. At the same time, the police task force found in Zhan a 8 shell companies, including companies involved, including a full set of procedures and documents, as well as various types of seal over 50. But Zhan did not know this group of fake LV bag. Zhan a confession of her in this company at the same time when the salesman, and his brother opened a company is also engaged in the agency business with the company in March 2010,abercrombie france, she was on the Internet by a man named Wu Health the people entrusted to find Lin Loaning, the establishment of eight shell companies, obtain the export verification form sent by courier "Wu Seng," Wu Sheng "monthly pay her collar single costs. The verification form used by these fake, it is from one in eight companies cheating the verification form. Soon, this false registered capital, led by Jane's siblings criminal gangs have been caught. ■ video Dunshou investigation uncovered Shenzhen "mystery man" Zhan a never met and "Wu Sheng, both sides have been through networking, the available clues are only two -" Wu Sheng Zhan a send list address, Phoenix Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, another clue, "Wu Sheng" has been using the ATM machine to Zhan a cash remittance and no account. On January 3 this year,abercrombie pas cher, the police task force rushed to the Phoenix Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, but the reality, but this case is more dense fog. The address of the recipient of the "Wu Sheng" is a vacancy in an office, which haphazardly placed all kinds of information and packages, there is no staff on duty. The panel analysis, "Wu Sheng" is likely to live in the vicinity. In order to determine the identity of "Wu Sheng", the police nonstop to the surrounding a number of banks, "Wu Sheng Zhan a remittance time, the final confirmation of the three men on the transfer time and the amount of remittances is very consistent. The morning of January 5, 6 pm, police began the primary objective of the three men, squatting in near the cell door. 7 o'clock in the evening, a ready man entered into the cell line of sight of the police, the man's physical characteristics and mastery of information is extremely consistent, seeing the police immediately stepped forward and stopped the inventory. This man is the mysterious "Wu Hang Seng, the book called Liu. After appearing in court, Liu confessed, remote Zhanmou Cheng Li 8 shell company to cheat the verification form to each of 200-300 yuan, ranging from price, sold, Ningbo, Dalian and other places, just five more than 10 million profit in more than a month. This involved a list sold to, Liu said that really can not remember. ■ chase five people have been arrested, the owner "water" as the case across provinces and cities, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department opinion, the panel was established in Ningbo advance team, the day rushed Ningbo early investigation. Internet records "reveal the" Tao Mouning wave advance group of police in to Liu transactions with the tens of thousands of pieces of information in the computer to sort out, involved a list, Ryu has a network called "the way you contact the person who, while "all the way" in Ningbo. Task force survey found that "the way you used to get online in an Internet cafe in East Zhongshan Road, Ningbo City, the police quickly the cafe and the surrounding Mo Pai, through extensive investigation, and ultimately determine the way you really called Tao , soon police arrested Taomou. The Tao Moucheng recognize Wu Health Department to buy list, but this list he did not resell it out. Rushed the Zhoushan captured the music of a arrested following Taomou a target under the task force is purchased from Taomou at this list of music in a music of a longer Ningbo go Zhoushan. On the morning of January 19, the panel arrived at Zhoushan City, to determine certain of the identity of the music in their company and arrested him. Subsequently, the music of a confessed The list sold that year and his fight in Ningbo Wu of room to live, on the 19th night, the panel overnight music escorted back to Ningbo,doudoune moncler pas cher, began to search the trail of Wu. Wu Xu Ningbo arrested after careful investigation, January 20 at 7 pm, Wu successfully brought to justice. Wu confessed that she had an export freight forwarding company in Ningbo, when the salesman, this single connection with the case of goods manager Xu introduced to her, she only knew a customer surnamed Zheng, the other is not clear. 10 o'clock that evening, police Xu arresting. Appearing in court of Xu has been the fool, while acknowledging that such a list, and such a cargo, but can not remember the customer in the end is what happens. Upon seeing police to increase the interrogation efforts, Xu say this shippers surnamed Zheng, in Yiwu, Zhejiang. Zheng Moumou justice, mysteries to unlock the 11 o'clock the evening of January 21, the panel after a lot of investigation to determine operating a shop of Zheng Moumou in Yiwu International Trade City. January 22 at 2 pm, Zheng Moumou was arrested by the police. Zheng Moumou of justice, to make a series of mystery finally solved. According to Zheng Moumou confession, this group of 30 000 the true owner of the fake LV bag to buy these fakes in China by Zhang Contact Zhang - Zhang, doing business in Greece, she is responsible to find a warehouse to store goods, and freight forwarding The company exports to Greece, Xu she find the manager of the freight forwarding company. The truth, January 25, Castle price department, the trademark rights of eight brand arrived in Ningbo, appraisal and evaluation of counterfeit goods. Two days later, with involved personnel, cargo taken to the Qingdao. No way of escape, surrendered the person to return to Qingdao Spring Festival approaching, arrest case of "person" Zhang has become a major problem in the panel in front of. Mopai activities trajectory given tactical After an investigation, police found in the July 27, 2010, Zhang had already departed for Greece, the period has not returned home. However, by Mopai Zhang past activities trajectory, the police noted that the annual Spring Festival, Zhang will return home. Task force to analyze the trajectory of Zhang's activities, decided to take the tight loose tactics, quietly paying close attention to Zhang's movements, as long as Zhang returning immediately to give him a the "Wengzhongzhuobie". Subsequently, concern Zhang repatriation movements became investigative focus of the work. Not surprisingly, Zhang really returning New Year, January 31 at 10 am, police investigators learned that Zhang, the Shanghai Pudong International Airport to return home. Went to the suspects home in the deployment of police light of this situation, the panel immediately rushed to Zhang's home, Ruian, and as online fugitives, Zhang at this time has been unable to re-departure. Local "informed" Zhang know very quickly became public, start hiding. Zhang, all the contacts in the country, relatives of a task force to visit and do the work, deployment of police force, and has to lock the movement of Zhang's preparations for the implementation of arrest. February 12, Zhang knew no way of escape under pressure, finally surrendered. After several days of interrogation, evidence collection, February 17, Zhang was escorted Huiqing. Cracked case value of 232 million yuan Zhang's appearing in court, from the large sale of counterfeit trademark goods cases successfully solved. The reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment, under the Ministry of Public Security, Provincial Public Security Bureau, Municipal Public Security Bureau three public security organs attach great importance to the case, the detection of which lasted 90 days, cross-Qingdao, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Zhoushan, Wenzhou,doudoune moncler, Yiwu City,moncler pas cher, in coordination with local police, has destroyed the false registered capital crime gang, led by Jane's siblings, headed by reselling official documents crime gang to Liu, Zhang led by the sale of counterfeit trademark goods criminal gangs a total of 14 criminal suspects were arrested. In this case, involving eight of the LV,polo ralph lauren pas cher, and other famous international brands, and seized more than 30,000 counterfeit goods. According to reports, explained according to the Supreme People's Court on sales counterfeit registered trademark goods, the relevant judicial authority forensic involved more than 30,000 counterfeit goods market, the central parity of 232 million yuan. The case is a nationwide Action against IPR violations, the nation's public security organs cracked case value with IPR infringement cases. 14 suspects involved have been Detention law, the case is still under investigation. ■ artificial investigation of cases overall story splicing "broken" video from thousands of people to find a person, and only the person's pseudonym, the difficulty is tantamount to a needle in a haystack. "Wu Sheng" as a key figure in the case, the panel really is a sea of ??people he was "fishing" out. Investigating the case of four teams,air jordan femme, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment squadron commander Zhang Tao said, the Action Group three of his arrival in Shenzhen, only the hands of the "Phoenix Way" and "Wu-born two clues. Express recipient address of a nearby cell called Dragon Huayuan as an investigation area, because here from the recipient address recently. But police found the quarters of the residents of this place thousands of people out of the non-district residents are also many. In order to know "Wu Sheng" look like the police task force to the surrounding banks view the surveillance video, a large collection of video data. After a full day of screening in three police target range reduced from 200 to 100, then 50, 20 were eventually narrowed to three individuals. Photo of the three individuals subsequently saved to the phone of the three police in order to identify the "Wu Sheng". In fact, the process of waiting for the "Wu Sheng" is not easy. Two doors in the district, three police at 6:00 on the January 5, take turns squatting, from time to time on rotation basis. "Leave the door is impossible, 'Wu raw' is likely when we left and out and can not eat rice, really tired, just sit down in the side of the road." Said Zhang Tao in the morning, Shenzhen suddenly it began to rain, can not leave, three of the rain to keep more than 10 hours. "It was not even an umbrella play, all wet." Under tight defensive, "Wu Sheng" really did not escape the past. After appearing in court, "Wu Sheng" confession, January 4th wife returned to Dongguan maiden tocolysis, and then return to Lo Wu at home in the afternoon of January 5, was arrested by the police. Out-of-the-box forensics four cameras used in electricity 130,000 pieces of counterfeit goods is what kind of concept  The four teams, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment squadron commander, Zhang Tao said, Ningbo Customs seized a total of nearly 130,000 counterfeit goods of about 160 cubic meters in size, divided in two warehouse. Inventory, evidence gathering and investigation work compared to no time to relax. "" To be honest, than waiting to arrest people also tired. "Tao recalled that too many goods, only involved in the case there are more than 30,000 , usually to the forensic evaluation, at least 7 days. In order to expedite the inventory of the seized goods, they got the price evaluation department in Qingdao, trademark rights, at the same time inventory. "New Year approached, can not find workers, and finally even the storekeeper dragged to come and help." Said Zhang Tao, whether it is police, the price department staff or trademark rights, and became a stevedore, also called the custodian help. Inventory out of the box, photographed, and four cameras at the scene all photographed electricity. The warehouses have no charging power supply, emergency, the phone also battle to beat, just the police forensics photo shoot as many as thousands. International big names are cottage, but to say that these fake quality is really not very good. Workmanship is very poor, even some of the stall of the package is not as good. "Said Zhang Tao, live out of the box forensics found these fake material texture difference Not to mention, just look there is damage, some needle angle is very messy, and some with thread, some packages of the lining is actually the opposite. Shippers quibble that I do not know LV is what things Ningbo,ralph lauren pas cher, Zhoushan,abercrombie, Yiwu, Wenzhou, Shenzhen, continuous fighting to Tao them truly understood what it meant non-stop. "I do not know real name last name, and checking side grab, five days removed three cities, arresting five criminal suspects, which in recent years a new record." Said Zhang Tao, the advance party as the vanguard of the task force, captured in a day could only sleep four hours, eat a meal top twice, especially in the day arrested Xu, 4:00 and sent to a detention center, 6:00 left to go Yiwu, "Eye has not closed have opened, and can ride on even if the rest of this case, according to Zhang Tao, Investigating the time just after New Year's Day, a small, Spring Festival, the fifteenth day of the festival. The police successfully detected cases return to Qingdao, it is the fifteenth day, the police have heard the streets ringing crackling firecrackers, I realized that the day is the Lantern Festival. The saying goes, medals, half of your half. The reporter learned that in order to prevent the distraction of the police, even if something happens at home, the family also are interested in the "blackout". Police Sunxing Jun's father legs fall fractures, police Zhu letter Lei child had a fever, the family did not tell them. Family members with the police "take care" compared to the case of suspects Zhang "difficult" and more. Do this kind of merchandise trade, but also do not know Han is LV  "Zhang Tao said the case" person "Zhang is really full of tricks, from time to time fitted look confused, claiming also victims, and even professed What is the LV, and said he thought the LV "is a check mark pattern", refused to explain the facts of the crime. Until the police showed clear evidence of interlocking, Zhang vent the gas to a comprehensive account of the facts of the crime. When police questioning whether the signature on the record, Zhang hurried 45 times, "I signed. A8,air jordan pas cher, A9 version of the text / figure reporter Peng newspaper correspondent Ruihong
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